Mwasi Wilmore


Mwasi Wilmore



Education, licences and certifications

(MA (HONS) International Management, Kings College, London, UK

(BA (Magna Cum Laude) Finance and Banking, Lincoln University, PA, USA

Mwasi Wilmore

Mwasi Wilmore is a highly skilled and talented business and technology consultant with experience in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa where her specialization consists of business and technology risk advisory services to Financial Services organizations, Government Sanctioned Entities and Multi National Corporations. Mwasi’s current consulting responsibilities include Research and Development, Writing Business Plans and proposals, Assessments and Reviews (Policy, Regulatory, Legal, Business), Gathering Business and Technical Requirements, Studies (feasibility, industry) and Project Management. Other roles include, facilitate investment for local and international firms, mergers and acquisitions, and specified opportunities between companies and organization in Tanzania and Internationality. Previous and current engagements include:

  • McEllemo Consulting – MCC is an investment promotion consulting firm that works with its local and international clients to attract investment into Tanzania. Key services include lead generation, prospecting, lobbying, location advisory services, identification strategic partnership, mergers and acquisitions, negotiations, and investment advisory services.
  • Telesis Tanzania Limited – is the first 4G LTE Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator in East Africa where her role led her in supporting the raising of seed investment, technological implementation of the concept, manage operations and assist in the sale of the company
  • Deloitte & Touche LLC (New York, NY and subsequently East Africa) – her responsibilities encompassed managing projects relating to audit and accounting, financial management, business process improvement, risk and compliance, security and privacy, IT governance and technology controls, data quality services and reporting services.