Henk Bruggeman


Henk Bruggeman

Vice President –

Food & Beverage

Education, licences and certifications

Masters in International Hospitality and Marketing from the University of Leicester

Henk Bruggeman

Henk graduated from the University of Leicester with an MBA in International Hospitality and Marketing and has over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry. Henk is familiar with business environments in Europe, Russia, Africa, China and the Middle East and he has held various Food and Beverage Management positions for international hotel chains and independent restaurant operators’ such as Jumeirah Restaurant Group, Intercontinental, Kempinksi Hotels & Resorts, Foodmark and Hakkasan.

Henk provides innovative ideas, concepts and business solutions with a unique approach towards each project, presenting key findings and strategic direction that reflects the objectives of its clients, working directly with key stakeholders to align strategy programs, creating individual and stand-alone restaurants, ensuring a profitable F&B operation from the time of incubation to operating the restaurant, working with third parties, celebrity chefs, developing new F&B concepts and / or creating concepts which could be rolled out and managed in different locations.

Henk advises owners, operators and investors’ on suitable concepts and assists with the development, operation and management of stand-alone restaurants, manages restaurants on behalf of third parties and prepares suitable concepts for possible joint ventures of franchises.